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Our story began in 1974 by the founder CARMELO BIOLO, already strong of twenty years of experience in the processing of hair on leather, to the point of being called the "King of the fur".

Located in the production context of Valle del Chiampo and the District of Arzignano in the north-east of italy, recognized as world capital in the leather sector, today it is managed by his children and grandchildren.
These have inherited, not only the moral values ​​of loyalty and industriousness, but also that particular technical ability and specialization of processinghigh quality hair on skins.

The constant commitment to leather processing has led us to create a wide range of articles for many sectors:
leather goods, upholstery and footwear.

This provides us today to project ourselves firmly towards new and increasingly prestigious international goals.




For over 45 years we have been producing hair on leather, an extremely particular and sophisticated type which by its nature is suitable for supporting fashion trends and enhancing the imagination of stylists.


Thanks to colors, designs and special processes, we can emphasize the creative points of our customers to offer to the public innovative and aesthetically stimulating products.


Our skins are aimed to all those who are looking for a refined and precius material for leather goods, footwear and upholstery, adapting to the demands of both big names and small artisans.


We are constantly looking for new technologies and applications in order to always be a reference point for new fashion collections. We are available to provide assistance in customizing items.


The structure is organized to respond flexibly and quickly to market demands.

Our priority is to provide to customers with an accurate and professional service with national and international deliveries.



Our work integrates with the natural process.

Leather processing is the realization of a finished material using and enhancing a by-product of the food industry. We transform skins giving their new life and beauty, with a touch and a caress.


We believe that the whole tanning process must be carried out responsibly, trying to improve the process to obtain an innovative finished product and minimize the environmental impact.


We also believe that investing in human capital is one of the fundamental factors for healthy business growth.




The choice was casual and instinctive; two columns to represent a building under construction, for some the temple of Man.


A moral and spiritual temple, built daily in practical work and on oneself.


This building sees the right column deteriorated but not destroyed, which will represent our daily work often put to the test; that incompleteness reminds us to be humble and affirm how humans and their work has yet to reach the perfection that we seek.


But here on the left column, symbolizing the heart, stands a Phoenix, mythical bird that always revives from its ashes, an emblem of longevity and transformation.

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