The Carbipel Brand

We are not going to reveal the origins of our logo/symbol nor how we came to use it; suffice it to say that it was a random, instinctive choice. Two columns represent a building in construction, “for some” the temple of Man which is often traditionally represented by two columns.
A moral and spiritual temple that is constructed day by day from work and by working on things and on ourselves. A Magnum Opus, if intended as a gift to others. But this building of ours has a crumbling column, partly destroyed. Our everyday work is often put under considerable pressure by limits and circumstances just like our human nature; the incomplete column prompts us to acknowledge in all humility that we will never attain perfection, neither as persons nor in our work. But precisely because human nature is pertinacious and optimistic we note a mythical Phoenix emerging form the column on the left (the heart) or the right (strength). The Phoenix dies and is reborn from its own ashes and is therefore the symbol of longevity and transmutation.

Through its work Carbipel becomes one with the process of nature (which to our eyes remains fantastic and symbolical) by regenerating hides, giving them new life and beauty, perceivable to the eye, and by touch and a caress.

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